MethodDraine Detoxine

Detoxifying your system

Helps to:

  • Neutralise toxins
  • Eliminate toxins and cleanse the body deep-down
  • Protect the body from free radicals

How does it work ?

This method is based entirely on plant active ingredients and their perfect synergy: silver birch, meadowsweet, artichoke, dandelion, burdock, wild pansy, fennel, tamarind, fruit juices and green tea, a powerful antioxidant. These plants work in harmony to gently stimulate each organ responsible for elimination and promote the removal of excess toxins from your body.

Intensely cleansed, your body is more resistant to attack from inevitable toxic substances and is ready to receive and derive maximum benefit from the plants in the other ORTIS programmes


MethodDraine Detoxine

The traditional detoxification method.

  • Promotes the detoxification of the entire system by stimulating the 5 organs responsible for elimination.
  • Encourages the elimination of toxins.
  • Acts gently and deeply over a period of 3 weeks.

MethodDraine DETOXINE is a combination of 11 active plants which work naturally :

  • Eliminate the build-up of toxins
    in the body
  • Protect our cells from free radicals
  • Facilitate the removal of toxins
Packaging :
Bottle of 250 ml